Alfa 1 Patch és Lazy Peon elemzés

Tegnap kaptunk egy frissítést az Alfához, amely javított jópár bugot, balanszoltak pár skill-t és az alapanyagok beszerzését is könnyebbé tették. A lista előtt még bemásolom ide Lazy Peon első élményeit az Alfa 1-ről. 

Patch Notes 7/15/2021 Alpha Build – 94181

Bug Fixes:
Guild Nameplates – Fix introduced to fix tags around guild display on character nameplate
Siege Gear Vendor – This NPC has been removed from the Alpha One Testing environment
Siege Ballista – Now when exiting the ballista players are no longer defaulted to action mode camera
Siege Ballista – Interacting with the siege ballista crate will now spawn a ballista
Sorrows Hunger – Movement and animation fixes
Crafting UI – Refresh bug and persistence for crafted items fixed
Brood Queen – Hit react bug resolved
Elite mobs – Exp table fixed, and damage values fixed
Devotion – skill fixed now to always hit
Corpses – Corpse lifetime has been adjusted to remain shortly after looting
Looting – Adjusted item callouts and added FX to corpses
Ancients – Fly speed jitters fixed, clamped throw max speed, adjusted
AoE frequency, scaled up damage to appropriate values and added enrage
FX Experience scale – Corrected overall exp gradient post lvl 6
Wyrm – corrected HP values, added loot tables, corrected flight stage and behavior tree issues
Dodge – Corrected lack of sound FX and added attenuation
Astrolabe- Sound attenuation fix
Group Exp – Corrected group exp bonuses and penalties
Mayoral desk – Removed rogue mayors desk floating around town
Forest dragon – puddle cleanup fixed in some instances
VFX – Fixed issues with particles being orphaned and lingering
CC Immunity – For bosses have been fixed
Lighting – In the wrym dungeon has been fixed in boss room
Wand projectiles – VFX playing double has been fixed
Wynden’s dialogue – Quest completion issues resolved
Nightbloom quest -remove party shared credit on nightbloom quest. increase marker radius for „Unleashed” first objective
Egg – Fixed interact and added collision to it
Mulitple UI and VFX – Various fixes included across skills and UI issues
Balance Changes:
Resource gathering – Additional resources will now be given when gathering, and number of resource nodes across the world have been increased
Dungeons – variable population changes, and new abilities added to the denmother and flamescarred corrupters
Castigation – Increased base cooldown of rank 1 Castigation from 15 to 18, and changed 2nd rank upgrade from an instant heal to a cooldown reduction back down to 15, for overall nerf to the ability.
Quest reward – General exp changes across several quests
Dragons – General balance changes on damage, radius of AoEs and other things
Charcoal – Rebalanced crafting
We’ve taken several steps to address the repeated DDOS probes and malicious actors in game. And while we understand there will always be unfortunate occurances of hacking/DDOS attacks on games in general for the remainder of eternity, we hope those people doing this would engage with us on these issues and help us refine Ashes into the best possible game for a genre we share love for. We’d ask those people to please not disrupt the testing with these types of attacks and instead, bring these security concerns to us directly. We are afterall, gamers, looking to create and play an MMO to make us proud  – Steven
@here Additionally, I forgot to mention… We had to wipe your progress. I am sorry for this, and while we try our best not to do this, sometimes a change/fix requires cleaning up the persistence in our database. This can happen in Alpha, though we try to avoid it.
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